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CWB Certified
CSA Standard W47.1
Division II
ASME Certified
Manufacture of
pressure vessels
TSSA Certified
Power piping B31.1
Process piping B31.3
Pressure vessels B51

Design & Fabrication

Fortier Stark Industrial has an extensive understanding of how products are manufactured, which comes from years of experience designing and fabricating in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Their comprehensive knowledge of equipment—from valves to pumps to heat exchange systems and beyond—translates into building the best, most cost-effective system to meet your unique needs.

FSI specializes in designing, fabricating and upgrading the following: tanks, process piping skids, valve clusters, flow boards, pipe racks, access platforms, headers, separation systems and so much more.

Whether you’re looking to create a new system or update an existing system, FSI delivers lasting results. Our team is TSSA and CWB certified, so you can count on us to deliver the highest industry standard.

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