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CWB Certified
Division II
TSSA Certified
Power Piping, B31.1
TSSA Certified
Process Piping, B31.3

Customized Solutions

Fortier Stark Industrial believes in a collaborative approach when it comes to troubleshooting and customizing solutions for your growing business.

Whether it’s a new product you would like to make, a cost-saving idea for an ongoing project, or a complication with an existing system, FSI liaises with all parties involved to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues you are facing. We listen and take feedback from maintenance, engineering, production, finance, and anyone else involved. Our experience balancing multiple competing priorities and perspectives enables us to meet everyone’s needs and ensure collective success.

FSI specializes in identifying health and safety concerns and making essential upgrades, as well as environmental improvements such as water savings and byproduct reprocessing projects.

Have a project in mind and want that big picture perspective?