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Fortier Stark Industrial is a leader in the food and dairy processing industry, with vast experience in process piping, utility piping and fluid dynamics. FSI is Eastern Ontario’s go-to company for systems design, fabrication, installation, and troubleshooting.

FSI is known for their quality, care and commitment to their clients, who range from corporate dairies to family-run microbreweries, and everything in between. With boots on the ground, FSI offers easy access to their expertise and is well connected to the supply chain, making problem solving simple in these unprecedented times.

Located in Winchester, Ontario, Fortier Stark Industrial is owned and operated by Curtis Fortier and Joe Stark. With a team of 16 millwrights and pipe fitters they work with everyone from small family companies to big industry.

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Fortier Stark Industrial is revolutionizing the food and pharma industry
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